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The following are our four key products and services:

Press conferences:

These online press briefings are for science journalists drawn from various African countries. The aim is to provide regular, credible platform for scientists share information on emerging and developing scientific issues to the journalists to support effective reporting that would build public understanding and confidence in science as an indispensable tool for development.

Expert Opinion

Emerging challenges, like the new coronavirus pandemic, can wreak worse havoc in society if information is not managed correctly and responsibly, especially by the media. Thus, we work with leading scientific experts in relevant fields to provide evidence-based expert opinions for immediate transmission to science journalists at all major African news outlets for use. The scientists are further encouraged to be on standby for media follow up interviews, queries and fact checking. This process minimises likelihood of inaccurate reporting that may create the public.

Press releases

The above services will be backed up by a professionally written press release to further enhance objective, accurate and responsible media coverage of controversial scientific issues. They are also shared through the global network of SMCs.


Working with experts and partners, the AfriSMC will produce easy-to-use fact sheets, guides for scientists and journalists for skills’ improvement. Will also help avail journals, special publications and review and research papers.

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